Help to rebuild Oscar and Jindy's home following the fire

Our story

Dearest friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and anonymous volunteers, We would like to deeply thank everyone for their help and support since the fire that destroyed our home last November. We were speechless at the numerous acts of kindness and with all the clothes and toys that were donated for our children in less than 48hours! We were even offered breast milk for our 4month old baby as I was at risk of not being able to continue nursing due to the effects of smoke inhalation. We bought our home in June 2016 and we lost it shortly after, in November 2017. In addition to our loss and shock our insurance company, Catalana Occidente have to date refused to attend our claim leaving us no option but to defend our claim in court which seems standard procedure for large claims with some insurance companies in Spain, according to various lawyers consulted so far. Hence why we have been encouraged and motivated to create this space and an account to receive donations to help us rebuild our home and defend our claim in court. We are also grateful for the local media interest in our case and the support received from the local council who have guided us in using part of our home (once rebuilt) for the next five years to shelter others in similar situations and emergency in coordination with the local police and following local authority advice on the matter. For us this is our small gesture to give something back to the generous community that we feel blessed to be a part of. We would like to request that you share our story with as many people as possible and sign the petition for the insurance company to cover our claim. As some of you have kindly offered to help financially with court costs and the initial rebuilding of our home we have included on this page an account number that you can pay into directly or via our PayPal account which can also be found here. We have also set up a crowdfunding account for those who prefer to use that method, the link can be found on this page too. Whomever would like to get in touch with us directly can do so via the same phone numbers or email addresses as always. We greatly appreciate your collaboration and thank you all for your interest and support.

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for your support, it is of great help. You can follow updates on our Facebook page.

Make a donation

You can also make a donation via PayPal or directly into our bank account ES16 2100 4123 5221 0034 0753